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"Best of Horror 2019" by Suspense Magazine! Now available!

For fans of The Haunting of Hill House comes a dark tale of a mansion haunted by a legacy of tragedy and a family trapped by lies.

Margot and Myron Spielman move to a new town, looking for a fresh start and an escape from the long shadow of their past. But soon after they buy Rawlingswood, a foreclosed mansion rumored to be haunted, they realize they’re in for more of the same…or worse.

After a renovation fraught with injuries and setbacks, the Spielmans move in to the century-old house, and their problems quickly escalate. The home’s beautiful facade begins to crumble around them when their teenage son uncovers disturbing details of Rawlingswood’s history—a history of murder, betrayal, and financial ruin. The Spielmans’ own shameful secrets and lies become harder to hide as someone or something inside the house watches their every move.

As tensions build between the family members, the home’s dark history threatens to repeat itself. Margot and Myron must confront their own ghosts and Rawlingswood’s buried past before the house becomes their undoing.

“A door creaks open. A footstep thumps on an empty floor above. A light turns on in a room left dark. In every silent room and black corner of NO ONE’S HOME, D.M. Pulley weaves threads of hypnotic suspense with the sad strands of a family lost to one another. With an elegantly restrained hand that stops mercifully shy of showcasing the unbearable, Pulley has created a contemporary intelligent thriller that can stand with the canon of the legendary Shirley Jackson.”

-Amber Cowie, bestselling author of RAPID FALLS

“Disturbing and creepy. D.M. Pulley does a masterful job of introducing the reader to families who, at different points in time, are forced to experience life in the same menacing house. Reminds me of Shirley Jackson's THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE. I loved every second of it!”

-Matthew Farrell, bestselling author of WHAT HAVE YOU DONE

“HGTV meets Stephen King - creepy, spooky fun!”

-Mary Doria Russell, author of  THE SPARROW and THE WOMEN OF COPPER COUNTRY


Amazon "Editor's Pick" - Best Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
An Amazon Best Book of the Month
#1 Amazon Historical Crime Best-Seller
#1 Amazon Historical Thriller Best-Seller

“A murder in the present intertwines with a set of killings from the past in D.M. 
Pulley's engaging, addictive thriller.  Pulley is both a natural storyteller and a meticulous
researcher... The Unclaimed Victim is a haunting and un-put-downable novel!”

-Dan Chaon,  author of Ill Will

“The true-crime lover will rip through D.M. Pulley's fictitious take on two women -- decades apart -- trying to crack the unsolved case of the Torso Muderer, who dismembered at least 12 victims in the 1930s.”

-Cleveland Magazine

“D.M. Pulley has come up with a page-turner that puts a whole new spin on the Torso Murders.”

-The Plain Dealer

“The Unclaimed Victim is a new exploration of Cleveland's most notorious unsolved mystery - who was the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run? D.M. Pulley offers a chilling explanation... Has she cracked the case that drove Eliott Ness insane? I think maybe.”

-James Renner, author of True Crime Addict

“Thoroughly grounded in the sparse known facts of the murders, Pulley’s well-paced and, at times, even hair-raising thriller also successfully portrays the gritty social and human realities of
Depression Era Cleveland. Her use of a parallel narrative structure is enviably cunning, and her plucky but beleaguered heroines—1930s Ethel and 1990s Kris—will have readers rooting for them from first page to last." -John Stark Bellamy II, author of They Died Crawling

“D.M. Pulley dips from past to present with the touch of a master, squaring the bloody circle of two lives with an ending that’s both shocking... and perfect.”

-Matthew Iden, the Amazon best-selling author of The Winter Over


#1 Audible Best-Selling Audiobook
#1 Amazon Mystery Best-Seller
#1 Amazon Literary Best-Seller
#1 Amazon Women's Fiction Best-Seller
#1 Amazon Historical Fiction Best-Seller
#1 Amazon Coming-of-Age Best-Seller
#1 Amazon Native American Literature Best-Seller

“An evocative, deeply-felt story of innocence lost that glows with the slow burn of suspense.”

- Lou Berney, Edgar-winning author of The Long and Faraway Gone


“A beguiling family drama that sucks you in and never lets go.”

- Simon Wood, author of The One That Got Away


“With a remarkable protagonist, a fully rendered setting, and plenty of surprises, D.M. Pulley weaves an enthralling mystery while also showing the power of a child's love for his mother.”

- Ann Howard Creel, author of While You Were Mine

“A well-crafted, unflinching tale of a tenacious young boy’s desperate search for his missing mother—a harrowing quest that builds toward a powerful and heartrending conclusion.”

- A.J. Banner, Amazon #1 bestselling author of The Good Neighbor



Grand Prize Winner of the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award and an
Amazon #1 Best-Seller
#1 Amazon Kindle Best-Seller
#1 Audible Best-Seller Audiobook
#1 Amazon Mystery Best-Seller
#1 Amazon Financial Best-Seller
#1 Amazon Thrillers & Suspense Best-Seller
#1 Amazon Amateur Sleuth Best-Seller
#1 Amazon Historical Best-Seller
2017 Readers' Choice Award at the Frankfurt Book Fair

"Fast paced, faultlessly written, and engaging, this is a page turner with a very surprising and plausible twist."

- Publishers Weekly​


"Feels alive and haunted... genuine suspense with satisfying surprises."

- Kirkus Reviews


"This fascinating, frustrating novel brings a fresh imagining of this world of larceny and murder... A good read."

- Booklist

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